The dangers of Dieting

The dangers of Dieting

Yes, you read the article title correctly, Dangers of dieting. Diets are good only when you follow the perfect diet. With a lot of diet trends going around, there are a lot of dangers to dieting. As we all know, healthy eating has its own benefits and the most important one is keeping the weight under control. If you are following a well-balanced diet under the guidance of a dietician, then you don’t have to worry about anything. But for those who have a rapid weight loss, they are mostly under risk. This normally happens among young teens. They feel they are pressuring into losing weight and tend to desperate measures which can be harmful. 

Before you embark on any diet, having a consultation with your doctor can help you avoid any hassles. If the diet you are following encourages to have few calories like 800 calorie per day diet is very dangerous. You should also be on the lookout for diets that don't allow you to have any amount of fat. Such diets should be avoided as they are not good. Every human being requires the consumption of fat. It is said that 30% of our diet should be fat. You can try following a low-fat diet but you cannot totally cut down the consumption of fat. 

You should also avoid diets that restricts you from consuming food from certain food groups. Any diet that restricts you from having pastas or bread and encourages only fruits is very unhealthy. The human body requires vitamins to function and restricting foods from different groups can cause serious health hazards. 

As long as your diet is healthy, you don't have to worry about the problems diets can cause. Many people fail to realize the actual meaning of diet. Diet in general means eating healthy and consuming calories obtained only from the right kind of food which helps the body. 


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