Top Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight With Exercise

Top Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight With Exercise

It can be quite a frustrating experience to find that the weight loss results are not at par with the expectations, despite trying too hard. Here are some reasons why you are not losing weight with exercise and how you can avoid the same. 

The workout is wrong
While the love for cardio can be understood, too much of time on the treadmill can actually go wrong. For weight loss, the best choice is to go for high-intensity interval training, with cardio being a part of the regime for three or four days of the week. 

Too much food after workouts
Of course you have been training hard and sweating the fat out, but that’s never an excuse to eat unhealthy or too much food after exercise. Having food before exercise is important for fueling the body, and after exercise, you need to help the body in recovering with small healthy snacks. 

Thyroid imbalance
If the thyroid grand is not functioning normally, you can see a lot of changes in the body metabolism, which can take a toll on the overall weight loss efforts. Check the status of thyroid stimulating hormone and consult a doctor for additional thyroxin tablets. 

Extreme stress
Lack of proper sleep, anxiety, stress and depression can also prove to be hinders in the path of weight management. Make sure to sleep for at least seven hours each day, because with hard workouts, the body needs ample rest to recover. 

The time for changing lifestyle habits is now! 


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