Park Finally Comfortable With Number 1 Rank

Park Finally Comfortable With Number 1 Rank

It has taken sometime but Inbee Park is finally comfortable being called the number one ranked female golfer. Before entering Friday’s Championship at Walmart NW Arkansas, Park, for the third time, was on top of the Rolex World Ranking. 

“The first time that I knew that I was number one, the whole thing felt very weird for me,” Park said while she was addressing the media before Friday’s championship game. “It just didn’t feel right, I never felt like I was in the right place. The second time was also the same thing but this time around I was certain that my game had not reached the level it could. But now for the third time I am very happy about the No. 1 title I feel like the way I am playing is much more how a No. 1 should be playing.”

Park temporarily lost her No. 1 spot on the Rolex World Ranking to Lunda Ko after having what is arguably one of her worst campaigns. That said, Inbee Park was first crowned as the No. 1 female golfer in the world back in 2013, April 15th. She went on to remain as the No. 1 golfer for another 59 weeks. She then lost the title and then regained it and stayed 14 weeks on top of the standings.

So what exactly is Park’s most satisfying wing? Well, according to the pro-golfer, becoming the last player standing at the KMPG. 

“I usually tend to forget things that happen real quick and the same also applies to my championship wins, but the KMPG was without a doubt one of my favorite win so far.” 


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