Calvin Johnson Sends Spieth Gift Following The Praises He Got From Him

Calvin Johnson Sends Spieth Gift Following The Praises He Got From Him

Before Jordan Spieth, 21, won the U.S. Open over the weekend, he was featured in an ESPN documentary about Cleveland Cavaliers Lebron James, who helped the Cavaliers compete for the NBA Finals this season. In the documentary, there were various athletes, who were asked about Lebron James athleticism, and as expected many were quick to praise him and for good reason. Some even stated that James can play in any sports if he wants to. In general, the athletes were asked if Lebron James was without a doubt one of the best athletes in the world and they all agreed. 

As for Spieth, he want just ready to hand over the title to one single guy and in his response he stated that if he is to say yes, then he would have to put Calvin Johnson in that conversation as well.

“If I was to say yes then I would have to also include Cam Newton as well as Calvin Johnson in that equation,” he said. “Being an athlete, I feel like Calvin Johnson is in a position where he can do anything that he wants, Cam Newton on the other hand has very huge hands that are honestly twice as mine. He is a big athlete.”

Following his remarks there was a signed Detroit Lions Jersey as well as a football that were all delivered to his offices. How nice. 

Other athletes who were featured in the ESPN documentary about Lebron James included Vernon Davis, Deter Fowler and Lawrence Timmons just to mention a few. 


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