The Golf Ball Is Not The Only Thing In The Air

The Golf Ball Is Not The Only Thing In The Air

Morgan Hoffmann is one of the greatest golfers known to those who love this sport. He is competing in a championship this year, and he has previously competed in many championships. 

Morgan Hoffmann, however, does more with his life. He recently received his license to be a pilot. This means a lot to him because he comes from a family of pilots. His mom, dad, and others were either pilots or pilots in the army. 

Hoffmann does not know if he will ever take a pilot job as a fulltime position. However, one thing he does know is that getting his pilot license has helped him a lot in golf. He always wondered why many other golfers have their pilot license, and now he knows the answer. Believe it or not, being a pilot is similar to being a golfer. 

For starters, the most important thing to a pilot is time. A Pilot has to land at a certain time and takeoff at a certain time. This cannot be a second late or something bad may happen. 

Golfers must also manage their time. They cannot swing too early, and they cannot swing too late. Their swing must be on time and have the right pressure. 

A pilot must also check the entire aircraft machine before taking-off. In the same way a golfer must check everything before stepping onto the course. This starts with the dress code and ends with the right type of clubs and right atmosphere. The golfer must also make sure they have the right type of visor on, too. 


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