Tiger Woods ‘Shocked’ By St. Andrews Soft Conditions

Tiger Woods ‘Shocked’ By St. Andrews Soft Conditions

Tigers Woods might be good when it comes to playing at old courses but that did not stop him from actually clocking in some practice in preparation for next week’s Open Championship that will take place at St. Andrews. The former world No.1 arrived at St. Andrews on Saturday and had his practice on holes 16, 17 and 18. And according to Todd Lewis of the Golf Channel, Woods was not alone as he was joined by other junior golfers who were Nike’s training camp. 

Despite the fact that he only practiced at three holes, Woods came out with lots of knowledge about the course especially the course’s condition. Here is what Woods said while speaking with ESPN.com. 

“I was totally shocked,” the former world No.1 said. “Before coming I had actually seen the photos and it was actually totally dry. I honestly did believe that it was going to be a dust bowl again, yu know fast and hard like some of the time that I have actually played at St. Andrews. It has totally changed. They got a good weather here with the big rains and sun and that has helped out a lot. 

“I am actually going to have to do some feeling around the greens. I myself was not expecting that the tough spots will be that soft. We actually ended up making ball marks on the green and to be honest I do not remember ever doing so especially in this place.” 

St. Andrews is not new to Tiger Woods, in fact he has won some tournaments in this course and therefore it would nice how he fares on once the Open begins now that he has a clue of how the course would be. 


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