LPGA Won’t Discipline The Caddie Booted From USGA

LPGA Won’t Discipline The Caddie Booted From USGA

Expect to see Sei Young Kim’s caddie back on the course during the Marathon Classic this week just days after he was banned from taking part in the U.S. Women Open. Last week, the USGA made an announcement that they have removed Sei’s caddie Fusco from the competition after they discovered that the caddie was using his smartphone to take photos of the course’s crucial documents. The documents included information about the wind direction during the tournament, yardages for all the 4 rounds, hole location as well as alternate tee plans. This information is usually shared to the participants/golfers the morning of the tournament. 

According to a statement by the USGA, the information that the caddie managed to get his hands on was very crucial and that he didn’t have the proper credentials to actually access them at that particular time. 

That said the LPGA announced that as much as they support the action and move by the USGA, they will not be handing down any other punishment as they do believe that the removal he received was punishment enough. 

As for the caddie, Fusco, he released a statement on Monday stating that. “The incident that took place last week was very unfortunate, I honestly did make a huge mistake and despite the fact that it is painful I do agree with the punishment handed out by the USGA.” 
There are some who have gone and requested that the caddie should actually be banned for the remainder of the season so as for it to serve as a reminder in an event that another caddie might be tempted to do such a thing. 


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