Brooke Henderson

Brooke Henderson

Brooke Henderson is a Canadian professional golfer, and as many experts say a new rising star in golf. This young woman has ascended from No.1 amateur to high finishes on the LPGA Tour. People predict her great future, and if we see her results at only 17, and we definitely agree with them.

There are some things you probably didn’t know about this Canadian golfing hope, so now we will tell you several facts about this young lady.

1. Her first plan was to go to the University of Florida because she wanted to play golf there, but then she realized that she is already good enough and that she doesn’t need any additional college education, so she gave up from that idea.

2. To show you how ambitious this girl is, we will tell you that she wanted to become the third player in LPGA history before she turns 18, and she also wanted to become the first Canadian woman to win on the LPGA since Lorie Kane, which was eleven years ago.

3. She became the No.1 amateur in the world, and that happened exactly last year on her birthday. She missed winning the Women’s U.S. Amateur because unfortunately she lost in the final to Kristen Gillman.

4. Can you maybe assume who is her idol? Well, it is, of course, her sister Brittany who is also playing pro golf on the developmental Symetra Tour. They are extremely close, and the sisters finished first and second earlier this year.


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