Women in Golf History

Women in Golf History

A lot of people are often wondering what is the true origin of golf.
If we are talking about a golf, where you have eighteen holes, then we can definitely confirm that it's coming from Scotland.
Many of you may not believe it, but a lot of women were competing in this interesting sport. For example Mary, the Queen of Scots was one of the first recorded golfers.

She was so thrilled and taken by it, that she commissioned the building of the first golf course, at Saint Andrews, which is now well known as the cradle of golf.
The first recorded female tournament was in 1811. in Scotland and fifty years later, the first women's golf association was created, in Saint Andrews.

We should also mention Mildred Ella Didrikson Zaharias. She was the first famous female golfer, and she took two gold medals, and one silver in field and track, in 1932.
In the 1940s, she won Women's Amateur, and the British Women's Amateur, and few Western Opens for women.

She won a total of 82 golf tournaments, and she won every golf title.
Even though she was really successful, press wasn't really nice to her. Some sports writers told her to " stay at home and pretty herself up ".
Unfortunately she didn't live long. She died at the age of only 45, and following her death, she received the highest US Golf Association honor bestowed, the Bon Jones Award for distinguished achievement in golf.


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